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  • When the ISKCON temple at Ujjain was inaugurated in 2006, we decided to buy three very large sized altars for our temple deities from Mumbai. However, when H.H. Bhakti Charu Swami was thinking of Srila Prabhupada altar and Vyasasana, he decided to get it made in Ujjain itself by getting the best carvers from India. When it was completed, its deep and detailed carving work gave it a very beautiful look and impressed everyone very much.

    By the mercy of Sri Sri Radha Madanmohan, Sri Sri Krishna Balaram, Sri Sri Gaura Nitai and Srila Prabhupada, this humble endeavor of ours gained a lot of popularity. Devotees from different parts of the world appreciated the design, craftsmanship and beauty of this altar so much that we began to receive many requests for making altars, simhasanas, vyasasanas, donation boxes, and tables for Tulasi Maharani.

    This inspired us to set-up a dedicated department for making altars in Ujjain.

    In a very short time, we delivered altars to ISKCON Communities throughout the whole world:- United States(California), Canada, Australia, London, European Countries, Russia, South Africa(Durban, Pietermaritzburg…), Germany, Switzerland, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, El Dorado Hills to name a few.

    And across India:- Ekachakra, Durgapur, Pandharpur, Panihati, Madurai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi…

  • We can make all temple related wooden products of all sizes. Some points which encourage devotees to make order with us are::

    1. We use the best quality Indian red teak-wood (A1 Class CP Teak) which has a very beautiful natural grain pattern, a high durability and is considered to be unique for  carved furniture.

    2. We have expert carving craftsmen who can hand-carve any beautiful design according to the requirement.We can give CNC machine carvings as well.

    3. To make altars look even more beautiful, we can make any additional items like peacocks, lions, and elephants (as in Vrindavan temple).

    4. The polishing material used for all our products is of very high quality.

    5. We have a dedicated team of devotees for prompt communication and smooth delivery if one chooses to order online (through e-mail).

    6. We have successfully sent altars to ISKCON Community worldwide without any damage.

    Paintin& Polishing:

    For painting and polishing material, we use all Asian Paints PU (polyurethane) material, which is one of the best paint suppliers in Asia. So, the Altar will remain as it is for long time.

    Commercial suppliers may use low quality paint that initially looks shiny and good, but in a few months or years becomes pale, paint falls apart.

    Sanding– A good polishing means anywhere you touch you find it very smooth. We make sure that all the sides and corners are smooth.

    Since we are just trying to serve Sri Sri Radha-Krishna and the devotees of ISKCON, we will be happy to help any temple to set up such departments. These altars are only for ISKCON Community. This is a completely non-commercial activity. We are not here to make profits. All proceeds from this project are utilized for the upkeep of ISKCON Ujjain temple.

  • Welcome To The Section of Wood Auction Insight, Take a Pictorial Tour of “How Devotees Handpicked The Right Teak Wood to Make a Beautiful Altar For You ! It’s Very Interesting To see and Get Ensure About “Original Handpicked Teak Woods” From Forest Which We Use to make Beautiful Altar.

    Teak wood:

    For making our altars since we are making for devotee community, we use one of the Best quality woods, Betul, Madhya Pradesh Teak wood, locally called as “Tiliya Sagwan”, word “Tiliya” comes from Hindi word “Tel”, meaning oil. This teak wood has high oil content, high tensile strength and tight grain make it particularly suitable where weather resistance is desired.

    While selecting an Altar, if you are looking for a good Brown altar, please look for Natural wooden grains in the Altar. A good quality Teak wood has beautiful natural wooden grains. It also enhances the beauty of Altar

    Commercial suppliers often use low quality wood and cover with thick paint, so that actual wooden grains and wood quality is not visible. And they give them telling as “All teak wood Altar”.

    Wood source:

    As you seen in these pictures ! We are directly getting personally selected wooden logs from Forest through Government Auction. In that also we try to get better quality and costlier ones. Minimum girth of wooden logs we get is 120 centimetre. Wooden logs have core and sap portion. Core is Brownish and has more longevity and strength and sap is whitish. We use mainly core wood to make our Altars.

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