Devotees are requested to take the following precaustions in order to safeguard yourself and the community of ISKCON Ujjain:

For Temple :

1. All temple events and festivals which contain mass gatherings including those held in Bhaktivedanta Hall are cancelled till 15th April. We will review the situation thereafter. (Temple Darshan, Aratis and SB classes etc will continue as per their regular schedule).

2. Posters are placed near temple entrance points and other places to educate visitors about basic precautionary measures.

3. Liquid hand wash kept in all washrooms including the public toilet.

4. Temple Hall, Sweet Shop, Gift shop and Prasadam Hall are being regularly cleaned with phenoyl and disinfectant [even the railings].

5. All the floor mats [daris] and asanas used in temple hall are being cleaned regularly and put in sunlight for drying.

6. For general public disposable glasses are kept in temple for charanamrita distribution.

7. Visitors and non-resident devotees with symptoms of cold, cough and fever are requested to avoid coming to the temple.

8. The visitors in the temple should not be accumulated while arati is going on. The crowd should flow continuously.

9. No flowers are being offered in the temple to devotees and outsiders. Also Nrisimhadeva lotus feet helmet is not being offered till 15th of April.

10. All brahmacharis with any sort of sickness are being quarantined.

11. Entry of International Guests are restricted.

12. All devotees serving prasadam in Krishna Balarama Hall are requested to wash their hands thoroughly before serving and compulsorily use gloves for serving.

Personal Hygiene :

1. All the devotees are requested to avoid travelling unless it is an emergency.

2. Regular use of sanitizers for cleaning hands is advisable.

3. All devotees are requested to wear masks and gloves while travelling and dealing with outsiders or in public gatherings.

4. Devotees should avoid all sorts of physical contact like handshakes and hugs.

5. Devotees are requested to avoid public transports for travelling to avoid the risk of infection.

6. Devotees are requested to use handkerchief specially while coughing and sneezing.

7. It is advisable to keep safe distance from others specially those who show symptoms of flu, cough, cold etc.

– Requested by
Executive Committee

24 hr Harinam Kirtan since Papamochani Ekadasi (20 March)

108 Tulsi leaves offerings to Nrisimha Dev

Distributing Prasadam to 1000 needy People

Online Harinam Sankirtan with more than 1000 Devotees

To create auspiciousness all over the world and to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus, devotees of ISKCON Ujjain, under the guidance of HH Bhakti Charu Swami Maharaj, have coordinated a 24 hour kirtan which commenced from Papamochani Ekadashi , on the 20th March and is ongoing. We have also undertaken the offering of 108 Tulsi leaves daily unto the lotus feet of NrisimhaDev with chanting of Lord’s 1000 names for the welfare of all people.

Although our temple is closed, we have established a wonderful online, interactive program of hearing the glories of Lord by different devotees, being successfully led by HH Bhakti Charu Swami Maharaj. Thousands of people are taking benefit of this faculty. Proceeding the class, we have arranged for a special Worldwide Maha Harinam Sankirtan in which more than 1000 people who are globally connected, are chanting with us for 30 minutes each day.

Srila Prabhupada wanted no one should go hungry in 10 miles radius of our temples. ISKCON Ujjain is distributing prasad to over 500 – 1000 needy people every day   in this very critical time for the world. Please join us for this ever-invigorating spiritual fair of glorifying the Lord and His Holy Names in the association of His dearmost devotees. Fear not Corona, come feed the fire of your soul with us!